Neuroinnovation or how to get through the application of neurosciences

The human brain is by nature innovative. This innovative energy is either constructive in creative ideas, products or campaigns Transformed or suppressed by opposing change tries to leave things as they are. The difference between growth and downfall for each agency / organization is in the fortunes of culture and leader teams that release their creative energy. Employees can fail completely in certain cultures and in others Environments to superstars.

But what are the essential building blocks that make the difference? How can the creative ghosts attract both on personal as well as on Professional level?

The Australian book author and consultant Peter Burow will illuminate exactly that in be in this workshop. His neuroinovation process is already at Companies in Australia, Asia and the USA. Companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Emirates Airlines, Xerox or BHP Billiton use the process for innovation and company success in the long term.