Kristen Firpo

Founder | Hangar10.co | HealAnywhere.com | USA

Kristen Firpo specializes in helping leaders and business apply Innovation for maximum growth.

Using strategies, processes, and methodologies she created and tested for the clients of Deloitte and Touche Innovation Lab, she leads businesses to navigate change and growth so the desired results are achieved and the initiative sticks.

Most people go to work on the processes and procedures and not the people and their thinking, which leads to creating solutions with the same old patterns and this does not create change.

Unless you change your thinking, what you create is, at best, a dressed-up version of what has been done in the past.

Hangar 10 is a consultancy firm that specializes in leading businesses through change via corporate leadership workshops, using alternative eastern modalities that are proven to impact actions, results, and ultimately the bottom line. This includes a combination of design-thinking principles, interactive exercises, mindfulness practices, meditation, and sound healing.

Heal Anywhere is a division of Hangar 10 with specific focus in sound healing, mediation and yoga. Signature program includes leading clients from ‘Chaos to Calm’, resulting in clarity, focus and increased energy and drive.  Individual programs, workshops and retreats are highly customized for each person or group.

Kristen Firpo

Founder | Hangar10.co | HealAnywhere.com | USA

Sound healing


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