Peter Burow

Peter Burow

NeuroPower is the culmination of over 25 years of Peter Burow’s work in evolutionary psychology, social psychology, best practice management theory and social cognitive neuroscience. He is the author of several books on the subject of transformational leadership and organizational development, including NeuroPower, The NeuroScience of High Performance Teaming, Core Beliefs, The Change Handbook and Leadership Style Finder.

Peter is considered an expert in the fields of cultural development, organizational change management, executive coaching and team and leadership development. His background in consulting on employee engagement, public, shareholder and stakeholder attitude management and influence, has also made him highly sought after by leading organizations in Australia and internationally.


World-renowned book author and consultant

World-renowned book author and consultant.

Neuroinnovation or how to get through the application of neurosciences

The human brain is by nature innovative. This innovative energy is either constructive in creative ideas, products or campaigns Transformed or suppressed by opposing change tries to leave things as they are. The difference between growth and downfall for each agency / organization is in the fortunes of culture and leader teams that release their […]